April 2016
Complete Repertory 2016 English released.

March 2014
Complete Repertory 2014 released.

January 2013
Complete Repertory 2013 released.

December 2012
Mercurius Basic Edition released for free within Legatum Homeopathicum project.

January 2012
Complete Repertory 2012 released.

October 2011
The American Homoeopathic Review is released for Mercurius.
Mercurius v5.2 released.

March 2011
Mercurius v5.1 released.

March 2011
Complete Repertory 2011 released.

January 2011
You can download free homeopathic wallpapers calendar

August 2010
Major upgrade for Mercurius is released

June 2010
Complete Repertory 2010 French is released for Mercurius.

February 2010
Complete Repertory 2010 released.

March 2009
Mercurius v4.3 released, features author references in CR 2009. Read more...

Complete Repertory Classics is now available as a replacement for CR 4.5.

October 2008
Complete Repertory 2009 is now available.
Read here...

Homeopathic software for professionals

Mercurius is a modern repertorization and materia medica software for homeopathic practitioners, providing you the highest quality information on which you can base your prescriptions.
To date, Mercurius has users in 70 countries.
Download a demo version of Mercurius homeopathic software and give it a try.
Mercurius is currently available in English, Slovak and Czech.

Legatum Homeopathicum

Why exactly Mercurius stands out of the crowd:

  • Very affordable pricing. Check out the best deal in homeopathic softwares.
  • Combines repertory, materia medica and the patient management system in a single piece of homeopathic software.
  • Is always among the first to release the latest version of the Complete Repertory.
    See complete list of available repertories.
  • Features 100 000+ pages of spellchecked, corrected and unified Materia Medicae.
  • Provides compensated repertory model for all supported repertories.
  • Features outstanding searching capabilities for both repertory and materia medica. (see articles)
  • Designed by people who have been working for years as computer professionals, yet also practice homeopathy - it has the best of both worlds.
  • Built on modern technologies, combines ease of use and superior performance.

Feel free to use the tree-style expandable menu on the left to quickly locate the topic of your interest.
Click the + sign to expand the hierarchy.

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