Materia Medica Explorer search examples

Here are some search examples you can use to test search options of Materia Medica Explorer.
For detailed explanation of search options, please read this document.

While testing make sure to set synonyms levels as indicated in the example (for instance S12 means you need to switch S1 and S2 buttons ON, all other synonym buttons are OFF). The correct synonym level settings are also displayed on the search results tab.

1. Search query: Averse / Fruit
Synonyms: S12
Comment: Searching for "aversion to fruit", both words must be near each other (default NEAR search distance is set in menu File/Program settings) and we use both basic synonym level 1 (so "Averse" will also find "Aversion") and parts-of/kinds-of level 2 which ensures "fruit" will also trigger all kinds of fruit such as plums, apples, oranges, bananas etc.

2. Search query: Averse /0 Fruit
Synonyms: S1
Comment: Similar to previous search, but the maximum near search distance is set to zero, which means the words must be side by side i.e. no other word between them. Note that some of the words in MM are ignored during the indexing process (you can modify these words at will and then reindex), so prepositions like "to" are ignored.

3. Search query: Milk >/3 Agg (or Agg </3 Milk)
Synonyms: S1
Comment: We are searching for "milk aggravates", while the words "milk" and "agg" must be at most 3 words apart (ignoring excluded words such as "a", "an", "to" etc.) and "milk" must precede "agg" (the use of ">" before "/" NEAR operator) Note that the results include entries such as "Milk does not agree with him."

4. Search query: Eye -Eye
Synonyms: S3
Comment: Using only synonym level 3 and filtering out all entries containing "Eye", the results display all kinds of patology related to EYE, such as conjunctivitis, photophobia, ophthalmia etc. Note that this search is defined as it is only for purposes of demonstration. Normally you would use this synonym level in connection with S1 and S2.

5. Search query: Alcohol / Nausea
Synonyms: S1234
Comment: We are searching for "nausea" and "alcohol" with a broader synonyms search S1234, which matches words LIQUORS on S1, BEER or WINE on S2, INTOXICATION on S3 and DRUNKARDS on S4.

6. Search query: Desires / Oranges
Synonyms: S123456
Comment: We are searching for "desires oranges" with broad synonyms search S123456. Level S6 covers bottom-top synonyms which in this case translates from ORANGES to CITRUS back to LEMONS, MANDARINES etc. Note that level 6 goes up only one level. So, even if CITRUS has FRUIT defined at level 6, the link is not followed further.

7. Search query: Amel /5 Eating /4 -Amel
Synonyms: no synonyms
Comment: This is a bit of a tricky query to demonstrate NEAR matching and NEGATIVE NEAR matching.
With Amel /5 Eating we set a condition that there must be a maximum of 5 words between "eating" and "amel", while with Eating /4 -Amel we set a condition that "amel" MAY NOT be within 4 words of "eating". That means only occurences where "eating" is within exactly 5 words from "amel" (not counting excluded words such as "a", "an", "to" etc.) will match.