Kent's final repertory with additions and corrections

This is one of the oldest repertories in the world. It was written by a brilliant American homeopath James Tyler Kent. Because of its basic structure, Kentís repertory is considered to be the primary learning tool for beginning homeopaths.

Over the years, Kentís repertory was updated many times, new symptoms and new remedies were added. Kentís repertory has become the basic building stone and the foundation of many modern repertories.

Mercurius uses the last edition of Kentís repertory with a number of additions and changes. We have further expanded Kentís repertory by copying all the remedies from the subrubrics to the higher rubrics. This way, it is ensured, that e.g. all remedies from the rubric Head, pain, forehead are also located in the rubric Head, pain.
This way we have expanded Kentís repertory by more than 50†000 remedy additions and this has greatly increased its usability.

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