Repertory of the Elements by Jan Scholten

The Repertory of the Elements shows the information form the books of Jan Scholten “Homeopathy and Minerals” and “Homeopathy and the Elements”, combined with numerous additions from later discoveries. It’s a very valuable source of information to find the information in these books. Furthermore it’s a good tool to learn the way of thinking of the ”Element Theory”. It helps you to differentiate between the stages and series by showing the different nuances of them.

The original book has some special features. Most of the entries are families instead of remedies. For instance the rubric “Homesick” has “the phosphoricums” as an entry instead of “Phos.”.

For the purpose of including the repertory in Mercurius, the actual remedies have been used instead of families. However, you can still use the families system too, because Jan Scholten's families structure has been imported to Mercurius families. This way, you can use both approaches.

The second feature is the arrangement of the rubrics. It’s done on the most informative concept, for instance “mother” instead of “delusion”. The notes that appear beside certain rubrics in the book are still available in Mercurius as a standard note (F4 key).

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