Quick evaluation of the symptoms

Evaluation of the symptoms in the currect desktop is performed after pressing F9 key or clicking "Evaluation" button. The results are influenced by the evaluation settings, such as the use of compensated repertory model, so you need to find for yourself which type of evaluation suits you the best. More detailed information about the repertorization evaluation options can be found in advanced evaluation options section.

The remedies are ordered in descending order by total achieved value and in ascending order by name.
Sort order can be changed by clicking on the column labels. For example, if we click "Name", the remedies are ordered by name.

The total value of the remedy is computed as a total sum of the weights of the symptoms multiplied by coefficient for given grade of the remedy in the symptom.
The total value of the remedy X is thus computed as

V(X) = "symptom 1 weight" x "coefficient of remedy X in symptom 1" + "symptom 2 weight" x "coefficient of remedy X in symptom 2" + ... + "symptom N weight" x "coefficient of remedy X in symptom N".

Coefficient of grade 3 is 3 by default, coefficient of grade 2 is 2, coefficient of grade 1 is 1. This setting can be modified in options like this, for instance:

Coefficient of grade 3 = 2.0
Coefficient of grade 2 = 1.5
Coefficient of grade 1 = 1.0

This is the setting that takes less consideration to the grading of the remedies. In case you would like to totally avoid the grading of remedies, "All remedies with equal weights" button and re-run the evaluation.

In this setting, all coefficient are equal 1 and only the weights of the symptoms are used, in fact.

The next button allows us to remove polychrests from the results. Polychrests are remedies heavily represented in the repertory, in more than 2000 symptoms in our case and they can misalign the results.
The other option is to keep polychrests but boost the total value of the small remedies. If we use this option, the total value of the small remedy will be multiplied by the coefficient set in the Options. This coefficient can be modified, the standard value is 2.5.