Jan Scholten's pack

Some quick facts about the included Materia Medicae:
  • contains 6 volumes of Materia Medicae
  • contains 1 repertory
  • more than 5 000 pages of text
  • more than 680 remedies
Contents of this Materia Medica Pack:
  • Jan Scholten, Homoeopathy and Minerals (9th Edition, May 2006), 1417 Pages, 310 Remedies
  • Jan Scholten, Homeopathy and the Elements (4th Edition, May 2004), 1397 Pages, 172 Remedies
  • Jan Scholten, Minerals in Plants (1st Edition, March 2001), 325 Pages, 122 Remedies
  • Jan Scholten, Minerals in Plants 2 (1st Edition, August 2002), 790 Pages, 151 Remedies
  • Jan Scholten, Wadstories 2 (1st Edition, August 2002), 209 Pages, 19 Remedies
  • Jan Scholten, Secret Lanthanides, 1009 Pages, 98 Remedies
Repertory: Please note you can only use this MM pack if you have Mercurius Professional version 5.0 or higher.

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Jan Scholten, MD

Jan Scholten was born on 23rd December 1951, in Helmond (The Netherlands).
He studied medicine, chemistry, philosophy, homeopathy and acupuncture. He has also studied subject as: orthomolecular medicine, herbalism, and Bach Flower remedies. From 1985, he has had a full-time homeopathic practice.
In 1988, he founded together with Maria Davits and Rienk Stuut, the "Homeopathic Doctors Center Utrecht".
Jan Scholten has lectured all over the world, including Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Hungary, U.S.A., Australia New Zealand and India.

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